Terms & Conditions for Advertisers

The rules

Here we will inform you about our rules for Advertisers. Such rules are important to maintain a high business standard between the FlightSim AdWork, its Publishers and the customers, purchasing advertisement campaigns at our network.

Your sites must:

  1. Only Flight Simulation or Aviation related advertising
  2. Creative ad units and corresponding landing pages that meet The Ad Network's criteria
  3. On CPA promotions, the highest bounty payout available to any agency and/or publisher
  4. For pure Image Banners: A maximum of 1MB in size per banner.
  5. Being able to handle large volumes of traffic and orders through a high volume back-end infrastructurev
  6. The ability to attain a certain level of effective CPM (eCPM)
  7. A willingness to test recommended distribution channels on a CPM or CPC basis
  8. Staff to support the changing needs of The Ad Network and its publishers

If you and your business meets our rules and requirements, we are very happy to welcome you as an Advertiser at the FlightSim AdWork.

Refunds Policy

We are providing digital services, so we cannot refund the whole order. To perform a refund request, you should meet the following requirements

  • The minimum lifetime of your campaign is 6 months. Unfortunately, we can't refund it if the lifetime is below 6 months.
  • The order/campaign must have a minimum residual value of 50 Euros except the handling fee
  • The handling fee for every single refund process is 9.95€

For Example: If you ordered a campaign six months ago and the remaining value is 59.95€ now, you can get a refund. If you ordered the campaign less than six months of now, or/and the residual value is less than 59.95€ now, you can't get a refund for it.

How to request a refund?

If you would like to request a refund, please simply drop us an email via our contact form including your order number and the bank account data where we have to transfer the money. You may also look us up using the provided contact data on the impress page.

Why can't you refund the whole amount of my order?

Our service (advertising your product or company) starts immediately after you have purchased a campaign. It is impossible to refund any services you have already claimed for yourself.

We urge you to review your campaign, your advertisement goals and your budget before placing your order. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help you out and find an advertisement solution which fits your needs the best. Thank you very much.