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General Questions

The registration at the FlightSim AdWork is for publishers and advertisers free. Your earnings will start immediately after your first delivery of payed banners.

We are providing two different banner sizes. The Leaderboard counts 920 x 120 Pixels, the regular banner is 300 x 250 pixels in size. As soon as we are bigger, we will add more banner formats.

Yes, we do. Advertise your friends to join the FlightSim AdWork and earn on each sale or revenues by them. For further information about our partner program, please watch your Publisher-Console while logged in.

For Advertisers

Basicly, the pricing depends on your settings. There are two ways to pay for your ads:

Direct for your campaing: Immediately after joining our web site for free, you can set up your first campaigns. It is possible to define all important information for the campaign and pay direct for it.

Buy Packages and safe money: The second way of paying for your advertisement is located in your user panel at the menu item Account Balance/Add fund to balance. We defined some Packages and added discounts to some of them. If you choose the Credit Pack L, the price is 100 Euros. With the Package L, you get a discount of 10% which means that you pay 100 Euros but after that you can advertise for a fund of 110 Euros in total.

Yes. If you are not able to create banners by your own, we can create banners for you. But please note that this service isn't includet in the general advertising costs and will be billed extra. Our prices for creating semi professional but awesome banners are starting at only 30 Euros. Please contact us via the contact form.

If you want to get banners developed by a professional layouter, we can forward your request. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Sure, it is! - You can release each banner or campaign to visitors around the world - useful if you are selling downloadable products - or only for Users in specific countries or regions which is useful if you have a local business. You can define this options direct at the edit screen of your Ads.

Don't worry, our system is funds based. This means, that all clicks or impression have to be ordered and payed until the campaign goes live. Therefore it is impossible to balloon your costs while you didn't take note of it. Furthermore you can define a views or impressions maximum per day for each campaign. After this limit is reached, the campaign gets automatic inactive until the next day starts. This allows you to ration your budget perfectly.

With a steady count of publishing places, we have a limited impressions capacity. If there are many advertisers sharing this capacity, each advertiser's impressions are decreasing. As soon as the count of active campaigns is declining, the remaining campaigns' impressions statistics are rising (again).

For publishers

Whether it is an internet website, a blog or a forum, any type of websites are accepted, the service is available to individuals and entreprises. But each website have to deal with Flight Simulation. However, websites not in accordance with good modrals (xenophobia, pornography, pedophilia, ...) are prohibited.

You earn up to 85% of the money spent by the advertising customers. For Example: If a customer have payed 1 Euro for clicks happened at your web site, you'll earn 0.85 Euros. It's that easy!

Our payout periods are automated and running monthly. In the first week of a new month, publishers get their earnings of the last month. However the unpaid amount have to exceed a minimum of 20 Euros to get paid. Please make sure to state your favourite payment-method and its details in the account settings. (For example: PayPal and the PayPal email address).