Ad Types

Our different Ad Types

Modern Ad

Modern looking, social media styled Ad with a Title, a big image and a description text with up to 140 characters.

  • High attraction level to Website visitors
  • A big image
  • Very customizable

Text Ad

Very clean and light-weight plain text Ad. It fits perfectly to content areas where it catches visitor's attraction.

  • Plain Text Ad
  • Fits perfectly to content areas
  • Very good performance results (CTR)


A classic image banner for header and footer areas of websites.

  • Classic image banner
  • Very common in the history of internet
  • Wide dimensions

Comparsion: Ad Types

Modern Ad

  • 0.21€
  • 0.99€

Text Ad

  • 0.17€
  • 1.18€

Sidebar Banner

300x250 Pixels
  • 0.23€
  • 1.27€


960x120 Pixels
  • 0.19€
  • 0.89€

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